A Podcast with Michael Cera and Portia Doubleday

By Adam Lippe

Here’s an audio interview conducted in a room full of reporters with Youth In Revolt stars Michael Cera and Portia Doubleday. While all 15 of us got to ask 2 questions each*, there were a plethora of tangents that had nothing to do with the movie (yes, Cera would be interested in an Arrested Development movie, but there’s apparently no finished script yet), so I cut the interview down to just under a still rather loose 11 minutes and change. For those unfamiliar with either C.D. Payne’s series of books or Miguel Arteta’s movie adaptation (which will be released on January 8th), some of the answers may not mean anything to you. The basics you need to understand is that Cera’s character, Nick Twisp, is obsessed with sex, and virtually every scene is a variation on Nick being teased to the point of pain or utter frustration at a lost opportunity, and the desperate lengths he’ll go to lose his virginity. Think of Youth in Revolt as one of those sleazy R rated teensploitation movies from the 80’s, like Spring Break or The Last American Virgin, but smarter, funnier, and with a better cast (Steve Buscemi, Ray Liotta, Zach Galifianakis, Justin Long, Fred Willard, etc.).

During the interview, when Portia (in her first film and playing Nick’s main object of desire, Sheeni), refers to the scene in the woods or shooting the scene on the beach, and how that sped up the “getting to know you period,” but doesn’t get into a lot of details, it has to do with rather blatant sexual situations, which you can get an idea of by watching the Redband trailer for the film. Since there were so many tape recorders and microphones in the room, any minor noises you may hear are a result of that, so don’t think that there’s something wrong with your ears or the recording.

You can listen to the podcast by clicking below or downloading it to your computer.

Download the full interview.
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* My first question was about an extra character in the novel that wasn’t in the movie and my second was about the possibility of Cera finally taking on grown-up roles.

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