A podcast with Summer Qing [Qing Xu], co-star of Looper: Mandarin and English friendly version.

By Adam Lippe

Here is a podcast with actress Summer Qing (also known as Qing Xu), who plays the wife of Bruce Willis‘ character in Rian Johnson‘s twisty action sci-fi film Looper. Summer’s role is the main motivation for Willis’ entire journey through time. Summer was also in a few Chen Kaige films, like Farewell, My Concubine, and one of his early films, which I ask Summer about, Life on a String.

This is a unique interview for me, because it’s the first one I’ve ever done using Skype (so the sound quality is below my usual standard, but still perfectly understandable) and the first time I interviewed someone who had to have my questions translated to another language. That’s why this version of the podcast will be Mandarin friendly, as Summer’s manager Ben Zhang does the translation for her. You’ll hear my surprise at this fact early on, especially in the way I then try to over-explain my questions. As this will be the “rough cut” of the interview (a more concise version will be released soon), you’ll get to hear my questions, Ben’s translation, Summer’s answer, and then Ben Zhang’s translation back to me. You’d think that would make the entire 25 minute interview quite disjointed, but it isn’t, as Summer is able to adequately explain how her part differs in the Chinese version of the film, how government censorship affects the Chinese film industry, and how the moral ambiguity of Looper differs from most films financed by the Chinese (which Looper partially was).

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这里是与女星夏清 (也称为清代徐) 饰演的布鲁斯威利字符妻子雨湖约翰逊活的播客。威利斯的整个旅程时间的主要动机是夏天的作用。夏季也是几个陈凯歌电影,像告别、 我妾和他早期的电影,我问字符串关于生活夏季之一。
这是唯一的面试,对我来说,因为它是第一个我做过使用 Skype (因此声音质量低于我通常的标准,但仍然完全可以理解的) 和第一次我采访过一个人必须有我翻译成另一种语言的问题。这就是为什么这个版本的播客将普通话友好,作为今年夏天的经理 Ben 张不会为她翻译。尤其是在我然后尝试 over-explain 我的问题的方法,你会早就听到我的惊讶这一事实。由于这将是”粗略剪切”(更简明版将很快发布) 的面试,你会听到我的问题、 Ben 的翻译、 夏天的答案和 Ben 张翻译回到我身边。你会觉得,这就会使面试相当的整个 25 分钟脱节,但它不是,是夏天是能够充分解释她一部分在中文版的电影的不同、 政府的审查制度如何影响中国电影业,以及活套道德的不确定性与多数影片由中国 (这部分是活套) 之间的区别。
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1 comment on “A podcast with Summer Qing [Qing Xu], co-star of Looper: Mandarin and English friendly version.”

  1. As a bilingual Chinese-American, I understood both sides of this interview and found it rather interesting (even humorous :P) what was (inevitably) left out in translation.

    What struck me about Summer’s prolonged response to the question about her level of understanding of the subplots and etc. was that she understood it perfectly, despite the language barrier. That’s not to underestimate anything on her behalf, I understand she’s very talented. Kudos to the production team and her talent for having their international actors have a complete grasp on their film’s themes.

    She was saying that Bruce WIllis’ character in the film, Old Joe, finds in her character a certain Messianic quality because she brings him to a point he didn’t think he could attain. As such, he becomes obsessed with trying to re-arrive at that nostalgic point in life when all things were gained through this wife character. She mentioned that the entire arc of the film seems to focus on the consequences of trying to “go back” and “reverse” one’s actions. Which, of course, is aptly spoken.

    Hope this helps.

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